My name is Paul Stekelenburg. I am a copywriter. I write on commission. For organisations that need copy. For entrepreneurs that need copy. For competitors that need copy.

I do not write your standard copy. I write copy with a certain peculiarity. Made of words and sentences that stand out. Because they are not the words and sentences you expected.

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Everyone can become a copywriter. Few can stay one. I have been hitting the keyboard professionally since 1999. That on its own is telling. My path: web editor (VPRO 1999-2002), copywriter (Heldhavtig 2003-2006), freelance copywriter (Otekst 2006 - ∞).

I am not active on LinkedIn. You can’t follow my company socials. No Google Ad Campaigns bringing you here. Still enough clients find me, just like you did. And when they need copy, they call me. Because I don’t write your standard copy. I make it stand out.

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